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Kostelanetz LLP and WELTY PC Combo Builds Stronger Ties with Top HBCU, Forbes Reports

On June 7, 2024, Forbes reported on how Kostelanetz LLP’s combination with WELTY PC and the addition of an Atlanta, Georgia, office strengthened the firm’s ties to Spelman College in “Tax Law Firm Merger Has A Side Benefit: Stronger Ties With Top HBCU.” The article quoted Claude M. MillmanBryan C. SkarlatosDestiny Reese, and Grace Hall in discussing Kostelanetz LLP’s Spelman College Pre-Law Internship, which was created in 2020 and was designed to ensure that our clients benefit from the extraordinary talent available at Spelman, while simultaneously promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal profession and the tax law bar.

As the article noted: “Our perspective,” Millman explains, “is that we are already recruiting from lots of schools.” Talent, he notes, isn’t just to be found in one or two places. “We are going to the places where the students we want to recruit are,” he says. “These extraordinary students happen to have chosen HBCUs.”

The article also quoted Reese: “She’s also a big fan of the program, calling it ‘so unique and so powerful.’ There isn’t, she explains, ‘anything like it in the country.’”

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