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Lawyers and Law Students

Kostelanetz LLP is a destination for the legal elite. Lawyers come to our boutique practice because we focus on our lawyers’ professional development and pursue excellence. Our supportive culture is tightly tied to low associate-turnover, high promotion rates, outstanding legal work, and excellent client service.

Kostelanetz LLP does not embrace an “up or out” model. While our firm welcomes lawyers seeking to develop skills in private practice in anticipation of careers in public or non-profit service, we hire with an expectation that the lawyers who join us will maintain life-long relationships with the firm, ideally as Kostelanetz partners or counsel. Half of our partners were “home grown.” Of the other half, one was a Kostelanetz counsel; two were government laterals (from the Department of Justice); and two were private-practice laterals (i.e., were counsel/partners at other firms). And, of the firm’s ten associates in 2011, three became partners; three became counsel; two are still associates; one left us to start a solo practice, which the firm has supported through referrals; and one left us (after promotion to counsel) to become a financial planner, and has assisted in the management of our retirement funds.

We support the continued professional development of attorneys by facilitating mentorship programs, implementing regular formal training sessions, taking on pro bono work and some smaller cases, staffing leanly, and providing opportunities for writing and speaking.

Our counsel, associates, clerks, and summer associates participate in formal mentoring. All are assigned partner mentors, and meet with mentors on a quarterly basis. New arrivals are assigned an additional mentor (a more senior, non-partner lawyer) and a “paralegal guide” who can answer questions about firm logistics, support, and administration.

We believe that formal training is essential for the success of our counsel, associates, clerks, and summer associates. We’ve used the extraordinary talent at our firm and our status as a certified provider of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) to develop our own lawyer training program. We’re building a three-year curriculum, tailor-made for our professionals, comprising a minimum 36 hours, and covering topics such as security, diversity, equity, and inclusion, practical skills (such as how to take and defend depositions), and substantive law.

Our junior lawyers gain extraordinary experience. They are guaranteed to team up with and learn from experienced partners. These opportunities abound at the firm thanks to the firm’s concentration of extraordinary talent in a practice dominated by fast‐paced and high‐intensity matters. Our associates work on a wide variety of matters and are not siloed into departments or practice areas. They have opportunities to work in areas such as Tax Litigation, White‐Collar Criminal Defense, Internal Investigations, Complex Commercial Litigation, Trusts & Estates, Tax Advice, Government Contracts & Procurement, and Commercial Transactions. Our matters are complex and often cutting-edge. Our associates receive immediate opportunities to work with clients and top‐rated law partners, engage with government lawyers, work on financial planning and transactional matters, and see the judicial process in action. We expect our junior attorneys to take ownership of their cases.

We think that it is essential that lawyers learn to delegate, and even junior lawyers have that opportunity at the firm. Since we generally try to staff a paralegal from our Pre-Law Paralegal program on most matters, our junior lawyers have opportunities to supervise and mentor outstanding paralegals.  We find that this experience hastens the professional development of our attorneys.

All of our lawyers have opportunities to work on pro bono matters. Our pro bono practice is varied and rewarding. Hours devoted by our lawyers on pro bono matters receive the same credit from the firm as hours spent on billable work.

We offer competitive salaries (currently:  $215,000 for first year associates; $225,000 for second year associates; and $240,000 for third year associates), bonuses ($15,000 for first year associates; $25,000 for second year associates; $50,000 for third year associates), and benefits, including health care and dental. First, second, and third year associate bonuses are not dependent on hours-based thresholds. Our compensation remains attractive as our lawyers gain seniority. For example, at the firm, a fifth year associate with 2,100 client matter hours (including pro bono hours) would be eligible for a bonus in excess of $90,000 plus 10% of the associate’s business originations over $50,000. Kostelanetz LLP also sponsors a 401(k) plan and a Profit Sharing plan. The firm offers a parental leave policy for full-time lawyers, which includes an 18-week period of leave as well as a Ramp Up/Down Program. The firm’s Ramp Up/Down Program can ease an attorney’s transition to and from an 18-week Paid Parental Leave (PPL). PPL provides a wage replacement benefit of up to 18 weeks’ salary while on leave after the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child.

The firm provides health and dental insurance (UnitedHealthcare Oxford Freedom Exclusive Provider Organization Plan and UnitedHealthcare Dental Preferred Provider Organization Plan) at no cost to its employees.  Employees may add dependents on the firm’s plan if they so wish, but the cost of such dependent coverage is 100% for their own personal account.  The terms of the firm’s plan are such that coverage begins one full month after the month in which the new employee was hired.

Health insurance coverage: Insureds participating in the health plan are limited to in-network doctors only (which is what “exclusive provider organization” is meant to convey).  The current employee co-pay is $50 per visit to their in-network primary care physician and $100 per visit to in-network specialists. (Co-pays are subject to change annually effective April 1.)  Employees may opt for additional out-of-network coverage, but the cost of such additional coverage is 100% for the account of the employee.

Dental insurance coverage: Insureds participating in the dental plan have both in and out of network coverage. The plan includes dental and orthodontic coverage.  The current employee plan does not have any office co-pays. (Co-pays are subject to change annually effective April 1.)  The current plan covers 100% of the cost of preventive dental services, 80% of the cost of basic dental services and 50% of the cost of major dental services, up to a maximum annual benefit of $1,500 for dental services. The current plan covers 50% of the cost of orthodontic services, up to a maximum lifetime benefit of $1,000 for orthodontic services. Employees may opt for additional dental coverage, but the cost of such additional coverage is 100% for the account of the employee.

We recruit laterals, law students, law clerks, and alumni of our Pre-Law Paralegal Program. Our junior lawyers and summer associates are from Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School, NYU Law School, UVA Law School, Duke Law School, Georgetown Law School, and Fordham Law School. They have joined us from federal court clerkships, and law firms such as Morrison & Forester and Sullivan & Cromwell.

Our application process is extremely competitive. With respect to law student applicants and recent graduates, our process focuses on top-performing students from highly-ranked law schools. Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, law school transcript, and writing sample to For the summer of 2024, we are no longer considering candidates for summer associate positions who do not have prior experience at the firm.

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion contribute to a safe and welcoming environment for our employees and strengthen our firm. We welcome applications from women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, persons with disabilities, people from low-income backgrounds, and veterans. Applications from people who are members of underrepresented and/or marginalized communities are highly encouraged.