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Transactional Tax Planning

The transactional tax lawyers at Kostelanetz LLP combine knowledge of the law with the experience necessary to apply that knowledge to sophisticated commercial transactions, both domestic and cross-border. Our firm has a very broad range of clients: the firm assists multinational companies, mid-size entities, small businesses, and individual clients in structuring highly complex, tax-efficient transactions and strategies.

Kostelanetz offers tax advice on existing arrangements and plans with a view to reduce both federal and state and local taxes. The firm also drafts the relevant agreements and related documents in connection with such transactions and strategies. Our attorneys’ expertise encompasses not only domestic tax planning, but also complicated international tax matters, including inbound and outbound planning.

Kostelanetz also has expertise in assessing the application of statutory and common law anti-abuse principles, such as the economic substance and step transition doctrines, and the firm frequently advises clients on how such doctrines could affect their new transactions. In this context, our firm often advises clients under audit on how to abate penalties.

Kostelanetz attorneys understand that the advice provided to our clients must not only keep tax costs to a minimum, but also be capable of implementation in the real world. Both experience and judgment play large roles in providing effective tax advice. Our firm’s transactional tax lawyers have the necessary training to accurately assess the benefits as well as the risks inherent in every transaction so that our clients can make the best possible informed business decisions.