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How Collectors Can Utilize the Opportunity Zone Program

By Sidney Kess and Michael Kelley
The CPA Journal
April 2019

For many investors in art, coins, or fine wine, their investments are their passion. This joy can turn into tax pain, however, when it comes time to sell. The capital gains tax on collectibles is considerably higher than almost any other investment. Many art, wine, and precious metals enthusiasts face a tax rate of 31.8%. And while the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) discontinued Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 1031 exchanges for collectibles and precious metals, the TCJA did offer a potential alternative to collectors by creating the Opportunity Zone (OZ) program. The OZ program eases the capital gains tax burden through deferral and partial elimination of the capital gains tax, while wiping out any capital gains liability on the subsequent investment through December 2047.


Published with permission from The CPA Journal.

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