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THE CITY Reports On Pro Bono Case Brought By Kostelanetz & Fink On Behalf Of The Human Services Council

In a recent article entitled “Social Service Nonprofits Sue City Over Pro-Union Law,” published on January 9, 2022, THE CITY reported on a pro bono case brought by Kostelanetz & Fink on behalf of The Human Services Council. According to the article, the Human Services Council, represented by Kostelanetz & Fink’s Claude M. Millman, Caroline Rule, Usman Mohammad, Michelle E. Lee, and Mahima Chaudhary, is suing the City of New York over a measure known as Local Law 87, which they contend “is a ‘ticking time bomb’ that previous top city officials left for Mayor Eric Adams.”

The Human Services Council lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court in late December alleges that “the legislation ‘cedes control over the City of New York’s social services to union leaders, period.’” The lawsuit “seeks to ‘strike down’ the new legislation, arguing it unfairly allows union leaders to decide which nonprofits get city contracts and unfairly blocks social service staffers from striking.”

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