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Seven Ways To Decrease Stress At Work

By Sidney Kess and Andrea Millar
The CPA Journal
November/December 2022 Issue

Professionals’ workload seems to get more grueling each year with endless deadlines, changing laws, additional pressures in a COVID environment, and less staff to do the work. CPAs hunker down and tend to put work above all else. As a result, mental health, self-care, and relationships with loved ones are being sacrificed. One of the biggest factors that may be standing in the way of CPAs doing their job without burning themselves out is stress. The good news is that there are methods that business owners and staff can use to move beyond the stress that may be depleting their vitality.

What Increases Stress that May Not Be Obvious

Although the human brain is a magnificent organ, it also requires a lot of energy. Understanding how the mind is wired will help one actively manage it and stay focused on what is most important. Much can be said about the power of the brain; scientists continue to make new discoveries. For purposes of managing stress, it helps to be aware of a few facts.


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