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Robert S. Fink Discusses Mickey Mantle’s Tax Issues in New York Super Lawyers Magazine

Robert S. Fink discussed how he convinced the Justice Department not to bring a tax case against baseball great Mickey Mantle, in a recent article in New York Super Lawyers Magazine.

The article, entitled “How Robert S. Fink kept Yankees legend Mickey Mantle out of IRS Trouble,” details how Mantle and several other Hall of Fame legends came under IRS scrutiny in the 1990s for alleged failure to report taxable income from the sale of memorabilia and the like.

As Mr. Fink explained in the article: “I thought he was innocent. He was like a child. He had a manager, the manager got the money, and then the manager would give some to him, like an allowance. But he didn’t know that it was taxed, untaxed—he didn’t know anything about that.”

Mr. Fink also discussed his representation of jazz icon Miles Davis in a similar case. As the article notes, “If you don’t remember hearing about these cases, well, that’s how Fink likes it. ‘The idea is, when you win a case, you don’t want to publicize it,’ he says.”

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