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Heather Fincher Interviews Caroline Ciraolo In A New Podcast Titled “Powerful Professional Women”

Kostelanetz LLP is a proud sponsor of Heather Fincher‘s new podcast, “Powerful Professional Women.” The first two episodes of “Powerful Professional Women” feature conversations between Heather Fincher and Caroline Ciraolo.

Episode 1, “On Connections with Caroline Ciraolo,” launched on July 31, 2023. Click here to listen to the full episode. Click here to watch the episode on Youtube.

Episode Description: In Episode 1, “On Connections with Caroline Ciraolo,” Heather Fincher speaks with Kostelanetz LLP Partner Caroline Ciraolo about making professional connections in the inaugural episode of the Powerful Professional Women podcast.

“The saying goes, it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. But that’s just half the story. What’s missing is, it’s also about being somebody a who-you-know wants to get-to-know. Caroline Ciraolo is someone everyone wants to know. She’s one of the most powerful and successful lawyers in Washington D.C., and an extraordinary woman who opens doors for people all the time. If you want real-world insights into being connected like Caroline, then listen to my podcast interview with Caroline Ciraolo.” – Heather Fincher, Tax Attorney & Podcast Host