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Don Fort Quoted In CNN Article Entitled “Federal Funding Shortfall To IRS Threatens US Sanctions Enforcement On Russian Oligarchs”

Don Fort was quoted in a recent CNN article entitled “Federal Funding Shortfall to IRS Threatens US Sanctions Enforcement on Russian Oligarchs,” published on March 27, 2022.

The article notes:

“How seriously are we really taking the sanctions problem if you’re not properly funding the one agency that can really provide the muscle and horsepower and the experience in financial crimes and following complex money flows?” Don Fort, a former chief of the IRS criminal investigations unit who worked for the agency for nearly 30 years, told CNN.

Fort said that the lack of funding over the years “unfortunately” means the agency has “been forced to become very resourceful” and that it would be hard to precisely measure the impact of not receiving the $30 million funding request, but added that this is a disappointing development and he believes the funds would have significantly aided the US Government’s efforts to enforce sanctions.

“It’s hard to quantify exactly, but they will look no doubt to see what other opportunities exist,” he told CNN. “They’re resilient.”

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