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CPA Journal Fondly Remembers “CPA Giant” and Kostelanetz Counsel Sidney Kess

Following the sad passing of Kostelanetz counsel Sidney Kess in September, the CPA Journal published a remembrance entitled “Loss of a CPA Giant, Mentor, and Friend.” The article looks back on Sid’s remarkable seven decades of work in the accounting and tax law fields, as well as his enduring legacy as a mentor and friend to so many of his colleagues over the years.

As Kostelanetz partner Bryan Skarlatos wrote in his own remembrance for the article, “Sid will always be remembered for his contributions to the tax world, all the conferences he chaired and ran, all the articles and books he wrote, and his extraordinary ability to continue studying and learning the ever-changing tax law. But Sid was so much more than a tax lawyer and accountant extraordinaire. Sid was an example of how we can all be better people by going out of our way to connect with and help others. Perhaps one of Sid’s most lasting legacies is that he showed us the importance of taking the time to connect with and care for others—and of constantly paying our good fortune forward.”

The entire article, including other remembrances from many of Sid’s colleagues throughout the accounting and tax world, can be found here.

Sidney Kess

Article republished with permission from the CPA Journal, a publication of the New York State Society of CPAs.