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Covid Crooks Were No Match for IRS In Pandemic Fraud Task Force

By Don Fort
Bloomberg Tax
December 18, 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about a once-in-a-generation health crisis, also creating a surge in fraud. Earlier this month, the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division unveiled a conspicuously high conviction rate—over 98% for the more than 300 Covid-19 fraud cases investigated in the last three years.

This oversized conviction rate has many wondering what makes Covid-19 cases different from your typical tax case. I contend the answer lies in the way the relief programs were administered, and the unique capabilities that IRS CI brings to these types of investigations.

IRS CI plays a crucial role investigating tax and other financial crimes, forming the backbone of our voluntary compliance tax system. Over the years, it has regularly boasted one of the highest conviction rates in federal law enforcement.


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