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Claude M. Millman Quoted In Politico Article Regarding New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ Chief of Staff

Claude M. Millman was quoted in an article in Politico concerning New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ Chief of Staff. The article cited “Kostelanetz & Fink partner Claude Millman — an attorney who frequently represents clients before the city’s conflicts board.” It noted that the City of New York’s Charter “intentionally places fewer restrictions on incoming private-sector hires” “to ensure mayors can attract talent,” and that “too many limits with past business associates could hamper decision making.” The article quoted Mr. Millman, who was described as an “ethics adviser” to the Chief of Staff: “‘There is a price to everything,’ Millman said. ‘As you add rules and make life more complicated, it might discourage people from wanting to become public officials.’”

The Politico article is available here.

Jacquelyn Sideris assisted Mr. Millman with the matter referenced in the article.