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Claude M. Millman Quoted In Law360 Article Entitled “NYC Nonprofit Defends Standing in Suit Over Labor Peace Law”

Claude M. Millman was quoted in an article in Law360 concerning pro bono litigation filed by Kostelanetz & Fink, LLP, on behalf of the Human Services Council of New York against the City of New York. The article said: “Claude M. Millman, who represents HSC, told Law360 on Friday that the nonprofit thinks the judge can easily find associational standing in the suit. ‘All the judge has to do is find that one or more of our members can sue in their own right, that such a lawsuit would be consistent with the mission or the purpose of the organization, and then lastly, that we don’t need direct participation of the members in order to have a lawsuit,’ Millman said.” The article quoted Mr. Millman’s explanation that NYC Local Law 87 “’does not promote labor peace,’ he said. ‘It actually interferes with employment relationships, and more significantly interferes with relationships between human services providers and city government agencies.’” Mr. Millman was also cited for the proposition “that HSC is not anti-union, and that the nonprofit is bringing this suit to represent its members against a local law that is unlawful” and “that the nonprofit had direct standing to sue on its behalf” because “Local Law 87 threatens the organization’s ability to carry out its mission and burden sits ‘already strapped, small staff.’”

The article, entitled “NYC Nonprofit Defends Standing in Suit Over Labor Peace Law,” is available here.

K&F’s litigation team on this case includes Millman, Caroline Rule, Usman Mohammad, Michelle Lee, and Destiny Reese.