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Claude Millman In City & State NY’s 2021 Law Power 100 List

New York, NY (March 16, 2021)Kostelanetz & Fink partner Claude M. Millman has been recognized for the second consecutive year in City & State NY’s “Law Power 100” list.

According to City & State NY, the “Law Power 100” is a list of “leading legal professionals” who are “having an impact in New York’s political and government spheres.” While the list is topped by government officials, prosecutors, and political candidates, it also includes select attorneys in private practice, such as Mr. Millman.

For the past ten years, Mr. Millman has led K&F’s government procurement and contracting and complex commercial civil litigation practices. He is a former Director of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Contracts Services (MOCS) and New York City Chief Procurement Officer (CCPO). He is also a former Executive Director and Commissioner of the New York City Charter Revision Commission. Mr. Millman has been representing New York City and State government contractors for over two decades.

While most government procurement lawyers focus on federal contracts, K&F has developed a niche in New York City and State procurement, recognizing that the annual contracting budgets of the city and state are close to $20 billion and $200 billion, respectively, and that, collectively, their agencies engage in well over 200,000 contract transactions per year. To promote its clients’ success and legal strategy, K&F often refers them to lobbying firms and works closely with the lobbyists that they retain.

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