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Claude M. Millman Interviewed For Wall Street Journal Article Entitled “BlackBerry Die-Hards Struggle With Final Blow”

Claude M. Millman was interviewed for a light-hearted article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “BlackBerry Die-Hards Struggle With Final Blow.” The article discusses BlackBerry Ltd’s decision to stop providing cell and email services as of January 4, 2022, to the once-popular BlackBerry mobile phones. Mr. Millman, who counts himself among the BlackBerry fans who are disappointed that their favorite device has essentially been discontinued, provided the Journal with a photo of two of his now defunct BlackBerries, framed as an homage to his passion.

The article notes:

Claude Millman adored his BlackBerry phones so much, two of them now hang in a frame in his New Jersey lake house.

He had to break up with BlackBerry in 2019, when his phone died and he couldn’t find a replacement. The curvature of the keyboard was addicting, he said, and allowed the New York civil litigator to write affidavits or long emails with ease. At a hotel lobby in Paris recently, he spotted a BlackBerry in someone’s hands.

“It was kind of exciting to see,” said Mr. Millman, 58. “I wanted to reach out and touch it.”

Read the full article here.