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Tag: Estate and Tax Planning

ChatGPT for Legal and Tax Professionals

By Garrett L. Brodeur, Grace Hall, and Ella Tynch CPA Journal September 2023 Since the introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the legal and accounting professions by storm. The use of AI in legal proceedings has already made headlines and research now suggests that most legal

IRS Doesn’t Have It Easy With Malta Pension Enforcement Efforts

By Caroline Ciraolo, Don Fort, and Ian Weinstock  Bloomberg Tax August 28, 2023 High-net-worth US taxpayers, working with professional advisers, have transferred assets into personal retirement plans established in Malta to limit and potentially eliminate tax on distributions. These so-called Malta pension plans rely on a specific interpretation of the

IRS Criminal Probe Spells Uncertainty For Malta Pension Plans

By Michael Sardar, Don Fort, and Caroline Ciraolo Law360 July 28, 2023 Malta pension plan arrangements under the U.S.-Malta income tax treaty have been a focus of the Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Department of the Treasury for more than two years. That focus intensified recently as special agents from

An Inconvenient Truth About Remote Work

By Stephen A. Josey CPA Journal May/June 2023 The “convenience of the employer” rule for sourcing income to a particular state is anything but convenient for tri-state taxpayers. Most states that levy an income tax look to where an employee’s work is performed in determining whether their income is taxable

ChatGPT – A Piece Of The Puzzle, Not A Panacea

By Garrett L. Brodeur and Liz Grant Bloomberg Tax Management Memorandum May 1, 2023 After a string of failures in the cryptocurrency industry and the emergence of artificial intelligence (‘‘AI’’), many observers would likely agree that crypto is tired and AI is wired. AI is making inroads into professional service