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Tag: Appellate Litigation

Navigating The Unsettled Listed Transaction Landscape

By Michael Waalkes The CPA Journal January 2024 Due to recent taxpayer-favorable court decisions requiring the Department of the Treasury to use formal notice-and-comment procedures under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), the process by which the IRS publicly identifies listed transactions has undergone significant changes. It remains unclear whether these

IRS Doesn’t Have It Easy With Malta Pension Enforcement Efforts

By Caroline Ciraolo, Don Fort, and Ian Weinstock  Bloomberg Tax August 28, 2023 High-net-worth US taxpayers, working with professional advisers, have transferred assets into personal retirement plans established in Malta to limit and potentially eliminate tax on distributions. These so-called Malta pension plans rely on a specific interpretation of the

Caroline Ciraolo Appears On Tax Chat! Series On Transforming Tax Administration Entitled “IRS Penalty Policy and Practice” At The Center for Taxpayer Rights

On August 15th, 2023, Caroline Ciraolo participates in a webinar panel titled “IRS Penalty Policy and Practice” as part of a webinar series titled “Transforming Tax Administration” presented by Center for Taxpayer Rights. Description: Center for Taxpayer Rights presents a series of webinars from March 23, 2023 through August 31,

IRS Criminal Probe Spells Uncertainty For Malta Pension Plans

By Michael Sardar, Don Fort, and Caroline Ciraolo Law360 July 28, 2023 Malta pension plan arrangements under the U.S.-Malta income tax treaty have been a focus of the Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Department of the Treasury for more than two years. That focus intensified recently as special agents from